Any design is possible. This grid was cut for a food Company out of stainless steel.

Our 25,000 sq ft stockholding factory in Scunthorpe with a couple of our trucks ready to deliver your job.

Two massive 1.5 metre diameter rings for a petrochemical Company out of 20mm thick 6082 aluminium.

A selection of typical small parts that we cut day in day out to a large scope of industries.

4 x 2 metre 10mm thick mild steel plate. It's a good job we have a 4 metre machine to do work like this.

65mm thick steel cross section showing just how good a waterjet cut can be. Notice the pierce point at the top.


One large 2 x 1 metre component cut from 40mm thick stainless steel for a petrochemical company.

Auto nesting software saves time, money and keeps material wastage as low as possible.

Thousands of tonnes of metals & plastics awaiting our waterjet machines all in stock and ready to become your parts.

One of four KMT high pressure pumps being installed. Compact & highly productive machines.

This 30mm thick aluminium band is only 3mm wide showing just how versatile waterjet cutting can be.

A fresh sheet of chipboard ready to protect your parts from unnecessary scratching and blow back.

A bit of fun....


This haloween we got a bit creative and cut this pumpkin with pure water in about 2-3mins from start to finish.


Cut in half and then glued back together with a tea light it looked fantastic at night.




We have a variety of samples available to view in almost every material that we cut. We welcome customers to come have a look at the quality and finish of our components. We will also provide foc samples for testing on large quanity orders or special enquiries.